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Incredible Sizzle! Verizon’s commercial on HTC’s Droid techn

Video uploaded from Best Buy Mobile: everything mobile – every point of view :

Incredible India TV commercial

A new TV commercial for Incredible India made by Nirvana Films.

Three Great Marketing Strategies for Social Networking Sites

If you are not taking advantage of everything that the Internet has to offer in the way of advertising for small businesses, then you are not going to ever be able to keep up with your competition. There are many different ways that you can use the Internet to promote yourself and your business, and if you are taking advantage of social networking websites, you can do a lot of your promoting at no cost to yourself. Advertising can get really expensive, and it is often something that small business owners do not do enough of, because they just can’t afford it. When you have an opportunity to advertise for free, it is something that you should never turn down.

Here are three great marketing strategies for social networking sites you can use to help promote your business for free:

1)Blogging - This is an awesome way to promote your business, products and services. You can write articles about your business, and things that are related to it. There are many websites where you can publish your blogs for free, such as Hub Pages, and you have the opportunity to be able to potentially reach millions of people with your blogs. If you are running a special promotion, you can use your blog as a way to let people know about that promotion, or anything else you would like write that will promote your business.

2)Facebook Pages - You can set up a page on Facebook that will help to promote you and your business. Here you can have all kinds of information about what you do, and you can update it regularly, along with send the regular updates to all of the members of your group. At first, your group members will likely be friends and family members, along with a few clients and other business contacts. As these people recommend your page to others, they will also become members, and you will be able to start directly marketing to everyone who has clicked “like” for your page.

3)Other Groups - If you are using Facebook and other social networking websites, you should check out the various other groups that are related to your business. You may find that there are many other small businesses out there that offer products and services that are complimentary to yours, and you can advertise on their page, and vice versa. This is great for everyone involved, because you will be bringing new business to each other, and everyone benefits.

As a small business owner, you need to find as many ways to cut corners as much as possible when it comes to advertising and marketing. This can be expensive, but you can still reach out to millions if you are using the Internet and social networking sites to your advantage. Get yourself set up with a page today, start blogging, and join up with other business owners, and start getting the word out that you are here and ready to do business.

Chancel Galessami is a network marketer and he uses Internet and all media to create relationships based on value and leadership with people from all around the globe. His products and services allows people to feel better about themselves and his business allows him to fulfill his mission and purpose in life by helping others succeed. His destiny is to serve others and help them. For more information, please visit his blog [] and feel free to let comments!

Droid Incredible Commercial

The New Commercial for the Droid Incredible is a bit odd.

12 Keys to Great Marketing Proposals

In commercial investment property, the marketing report or proposal you create is critical to winning the business. You are not selling yourself as an agent or broker; you are selling what you can do for the property and its owner. Get to the point quickly and build on your benefits.

Too many agents and brokers try to win the clients business through inflated prices, low commissions or cheaper marketing costs. Any property owner that makes their choice on these criteria is tracking a property marketing disaster.

So what is the blueprint to a better marketing proposal to sell or lease the property for its owner? Here are some great rules to bide by.

Your Marketing Report should always be attractively presented and fully tailored to the client. Err on the side of simplicity at all times. Get away from lengthy diatribes of irrelevant bulky comment. No property owner wants to spend more than 2 minutes getting to the key facts in your proposal. If the facts can’t be found in 2 minutes then your document will be discarded.

The Marketing Report or Proposal should seek to:

  1. Impress the vendor with your interest, professionalism and knowledge of the current market. What you know about the market and how you use that with your database is of real importance to the sale and promotional process.
  2. Give the vendor facts that support current market trends. Your market evaluation will include prices (asking price and achieved price), time on market, and successful promotional processes used by others.
  3. Describe the target market that suits your subject property. Give clear methods of attracting that target market. Show clear understanding of the target market and what they look for in a property.
  4. Look closely at the subject property and list its relevant features. Rank the features in relevancy to the nominated target market. List these features in your proposal.
  5. Provide samples of great marketing adverts that have worked for others in similar properties. You can call this a ‘Market Plan Generator’.
  6. Determine how the property should be sold and make sound understandable recommendations based on logical facts.
  7. Give your ‘creative brief’ for advert design and layout using the owner’s ideas on matters of property importance and history. Use the well known ‘AIDA’ marketing principal (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action).
  8. Handle the vendor’s existing questions and concerns about their property in your written proposal. You should have identified these earlier in the property inspection phase (you cannot create a marketing proposal and inspect the property in one single process).
  9. Set clear and definite timing thresholds for the sale promotion and give stages to the regular feedback that you will give and the price adjustments that may need to occur.
  10. Set out all costs associated with the marketing campaign and your fees based on the expected success price.
  11. Make a positive recommendation about the property on which the client can make a sound decision.
  12. Finally and lastly, sell you and your Company through your success and results on similar properties. Do this only after all other matters have been well detailed.

The marketing of a property is all about the client and the property. It is not about you the agent and how good you think you are. When you convince the client that you really know how to handle their property problem in a timely way, you will win the business. Forget about discounted marketing fees and lower commissions, they are not the way to win the business. Great properties need great promotion.

John Highman is an expert in investment real estate strategy and performance. He is a keynote speaker and performance coach that helps property investors, and real estate agents globally to improve their commercial real estate property opportunities and targets.

John has specialised in major commercial, industrial, and retail property for over 30 years both as a Real Estate Agent and as an Investor. He knows what works and what doesn’t. He gives you the ‘good oil’ on getting active and achieving results.

Incredible commercial/product placement

A very untastelful (and funny) commercial placement that happened during a commercial break on the first episode of the last season of Battlestar Galactica.

Incredible India 2013 Commercial Video – Incredible India Commercial released in late 2012 as part of the ‘Incredible India’ tourism campaign. Subscribe to…

Internet Marketing Companies – Great Marketing Style Is Equivalent To Success

Advertisement is a part of marketing in which deals with the promotion of the business’s products or services. An advertisement can be expensive, but it can also be cheap through the use of internet. The service of internet marketing companies is the best thing an entrepreneur can have in his or her online marketing campaign. In fact, most entrepreneurs today have used the expertise of these service providers in order to lead their businesses to further success. That’ why if you are an entrepreneur who’s having a hard time dealing with your internet marketing program, then hire these affordable service providers to have an ease and relief that your business is on the right path of profitability.

You will not earn, your business will face bankruptcy, and you will face bankruptcy. Expect these three things to happen in your business if you don’t have a strategic marketing program. We both know that you don’t want to experience these awful things, that’s why give your business the marketing system that it needs while it’s still not too late. A marketing strategy like online marketing will do, but if you can’t do this on your own, then you can certainly have the assistance you need. An assistance coming from those highly credible internet marketing companies will do the trick.

The fact that internet marketing companies have been providing businessmen good results is enough to conclude that these providers are definitely very important in the business sector. If you still don’t have any idea what can online marketing companies can do for your business, and then let me further elaborate it to you. Today, the best way to advertise is through the internet. It may be very easy to advertise on the Web, but it certainly is difficult for your advertisement to be seen. You will need to have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills in order to increase your advertisement’s viewers. However, most of the entrepreneurs have no knowledge about search engine optimizing. This is the reason why there are online marketing companies. These service providers serves as the entrepreneurs tool to make their online marketing effective, which will provide great benefits on the sales of their businesses as well.

Nevertheless, find and see the good comments and reviews of online marketing if you still doubt its capacity to give you success.

I hope this article gave you information of how essential internet marketing is for the business that you have.

10 Great Marketing Strategies to Drive Targeted Traffics For Free

When it comes to making money online, we all know how significantly important it is to generating targeted traffic. Real traffic will not only leverage the way your sales will considerably increase, it also improves the way ranking of your webpage amongst the popular search engines. Many new internet marketers as well as experienced alike has subsequently dwelt upon this subject. Fortunately, there are extensively many ways of learning how to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Therefore, here are considerably 10 of the great marketing strategies to driving quality traffic that you may consider acting upon.

1. Getting people started and excited about what you have to offer

Before you initially start on any marketing strategy, just like setting a goal for your internet business, you have to determine what response you intend for your readers to react. You should always keep in mind of what better ways you could churn out to make people want to visit your site than to make them visit it.

2. Get involved and active on social networks

Getting involved in social network communities could earn you major credibility in your field of play. Two of such social network sites I would highly recommend getting in touch with is StumbleUpon as well as Digg. The best part about getting involved in such community to generate traffic is that you practically get to share information as well as connecting with other similar internet marketers alike.

3. Write articles and submit them online

The great part about submitting articles online is that you practically get to write as many as you want and submit them online to as much article directories as you want for free. As you continue to write and submit quality contents to such directories, you are exposing and improving your own personal credibility. What is ever better is that you get to boost your expertise in such niche that you are probably working on in the eyes of the readers. As always, a better article is always the one that contains rich keywords in it. However, be reminded that it shouldn’t be overdone as there are limitation to the amount of keyword densities that you are able to put it.

Articles are super fast targeted traffic generator. As mentioned, article marketing doesn’t only improve the existence of your business’s proposition, it has also the ability of generating major viral effects for the greater benefit of your internet business. As each article is subjected with the right to republish adhering to the policy to protect the rights of the author, it creates a prominent viral effect as it transmits effectively from one reader to another.

4. Post blog Comments

Do not undermine the exposure you can get by commenting of blogs that are relatively similar with your area of play. You get to inevitably leave a link back to your site as you somewhat post quality comments on it. At most, avoid from just writing general comments like “What a great post” or “Thank you for such an insight” .

The major play of it here is to get people interested with what you have to say and subsequently, they will want to find out more about you.

You should really get involve with what people have to post and talk about. Present yourself professionally and avoid silly comments.

5. Submit guest posts on blogs

This may work similarly with article writing but you are basically submitting them on blogs as guest post. What is so effective about submitting guest posts is that you could instantly direct your expertise to targeted readers that has already been active on the blog itself. Despite getting to expose your expertise in the eyes of the readers, you get to build and connect with them as well. It is of utmost importance that when it comes to settling on a certain ‘business’, building trust and relationship will break away the unfamiliarity barrier that is what most likely preventing others to buy from you. Therefore, providing information and appropriate insights is indefinitely the first priority of pushing your business towards the long run.

6. Search engine optimization a.k.a. SEO

I cannot emphasize just how important SEO is when it comes to effectively providing you with real targeted traffics. By enabling SEO, you are practically enabling relevant potential customers to reach out to you. This is a very powerful marketing strategy. When perform successfully, the ranking of your website within major search engines increases thus putting its value to a much greater state and placement position within the searched results itself. What this means is by enabling search engine appropriately, you are able to place your website link at a prominent position within the search engine.

7. Getting involved in forums

Forums are effective marketing mediums. Why? Simply because forums are usually made up of similar interested minded readers that you can easily tapped on. Most often, people tend to get involve in forums due to the fact that they are here to get better information within their scope of interest or that they are there to relatively learn.

Therefore, you can tap into this sort of resources. By getting yourself involve more, you are relatively connecting yourself with the forum readers. Post relevant topics as well as comments. However, you should always remember that forums have certain rules of which you have to abide. Avoid going against it as it will lead to your expel.

8. Add a link to all your marketing material

This is adequately one of the most fundamental basics that every internet marketers should perform. Add a major link to every your marketing materials including your business cards, email and forum signatures.

9. Put a face anyway that is appropriate

There is no science involved but it has been said that putting a face be it in blogs or forums can bridge the gap between you and your readers. In the end, it all comes down to the rule of having your potential readers to be familiarized with you. It makes them feel much more welcome as they are more acquainted to know who they are interacting with.

10. Submit press releases

Press releases are inadequately another set of powerful marketing strategy you could consider undertaking. Most of the major press releases hold certain integrity to it. Therefore, by submitting quality content to such free press release directories, it will substantially boost your business exposure online. However, do remember that keyword do plays a relevantly important role in here. Of course, when writing for press releases, there are certain formats to greatly enhance your post. When we mentioned press release, it is often contents are written like news preferably at a third person’s view instead of pointing it out attentively to your readers.

These are inevitably 10 marketing strategies you can consider working on to drive targeted traffic to your business and websites online. Do remember that you should never limit yourself to only what is listed. There are subsequently more ways to go about waiting for you to be explored. Remember that if you are starting fresh and new, focus on just one marketing strategy and pay attentively to it. As you progress and improve, you may then consider adding more methods to further increase your traffic. Learning to prospect from your business online takes time and effort. Therefore, it is very important that you hold in yourself a great deal of determination and persistence to push you through.

Promotional Items Are Great Marketing Tools

Whether it’s a hat, T-shirt or bobble-head doll – promotional items are great marketing tools. But companies tend to write these off as a waste of precious funds. This is exactly the wrong thing to do. A constant reminder of a company on something as simple as a pen is brilliant advertising that is a sure-fire way to get a company more business.

It is proven that this sort of advertising works in both the short term and the long term. Think about it – seeing that Joe’s Office Store pen on your desk for six months might sway you away from your local Super Office Stuff store. With promotional items, it’s all about planting the seed.

As much as I would like to think I am immune to this sort of advertising, I’m sadly mistaken. If someone is giving away free stuff, I’m the first one in line. But surely, I do not fall prey to their shameless ploys at my money with mechanical pencils and reusable stickers, right? Wrong.

This form of advertising works, and we are all living proof of that. For example, if you were to go throughout your house and count how many promotional products you can find, I’m sure the number would surprise you. Sitting at my desk right now, I count five magnets (one shaped like an air balloon), seven pens, two pencils, something that looks like a bookmark (but could also pass as a letter opener), and a pedometer.

That’s just in one room – and I didn’t even have to change positions in my seat.

As I look a bit closer at some of these, specifically the hot pink pencil I received from a local state senator vying for re-election, a couple of thoughts come to mind. One: am I registered to vote with my new address? Two: where does she stand on these outrageous food prices and what is her plan to fix it?

My next stop? Her website. Mission accomplished.

My point is this: promotional items are great marketing tools. Yet, companies tend to sway away from this form of advertising, which is something I just do not understand. A box of pencils branded with a company slogan on it certainly will not put too much of a dent in the marketing department’s budget – even in this tight economy. Maybe those corporate heads’ next stop should be the printing store.